::Liam turns 2::

Wow! I mean when people talk about time flying by we all have this automatic response to always say “Yea. I know,right? Isn’t it?” But this year has seriously felt like it went unusually fast and <FLEW BY>.  I can’t believe the day has already came and past and my sweet little boy has turned 2 years old(insert scared face here). We of course threw him a party and this year we did a tractor theme! He loves to watch the BIG tractors drive up and down our road (we live out in farm land) so it only seemed natural. We had such a blast and here are some of my favorite photos!

Tables Decorated with nothing other than John Deere tractors












Beverage station



















































Hope you enjoyed all my pictures from such a fun day! (and I hope I gave you some good ideas for your next tractor party too!)


{My Favorite Things} ::Baby Clothing Edition::

With the holidays pretty much here I’ve had my eyes on so many adorable “things” for my little ones. Here are some of them that I am in love with and hopefully some of the will end up under my tree! This post of my top 5 “Favorite Things” Baby Edition; is for the momma that is trying to find that modern/edgy look for their little ones. I cannot find anything like what I have found from these incredibly talented people in any store around Buffalo,NY . Please take a gander and see if anything appeals to you and your little ones (or maybe you will see something that will make an awesome gift for someone else little one!)

1. Little Hip Squeaks-

I love just about EVERYTHING in this shop. The shop owner and creator all these fantastic outfits, Amy Robertson, has such an eye for the edgy modern baby/toddler/child. These leggings are an excellent example of that. Mommas out there, take a look!

Little Hip Squeaks

2. Freshly Picked -

I CAN NOT begin to express the LOVE I have acquired for these little gems. The creator of the most adorable moccasins, Susan Petersen, absolutely nailed it, not to mention the AMAZING color collection she has obtained.  I will warn you they are expensive! I did get a pair for Liam (when she had a sale) but so far they are WELL worth the price. He wears them with everything and to everywhere! They stay on his feet probably the best out of any pair of shoes. Take a look and you will see what I mean.









3. The Printed Palette -

What I love most about this shop is how they are created a line of tee-shirts that are so completely different and adorable. They created a whole new what to say “baby clothes.” So relaxed and perfect. Luckily for me this company also has an adult line. Love it as well!












4. Hello-

This brand of clothing is such a great place for both baby and adult. Even though their baby selection is small they are just so adorable (not to mention the “Grown Up, Grown up, Kid and Baby shirt <—- L o v e.) This brand kind of reminds me of those days that are a little more relaxed but without loosing the style factor. Take a look and see what you think!












5. Little Boogaweezin-

This shop has one shirt that I’m pretty much obsessed with for the little ones. It has such an “AW” notation. This tee shirt is in my “shopping cart” already!












Dressing your little one doesn’t have to be a daunting task and you don’t always have to shop and the good ol’ stand by stores (guilty!).  I personally think it is more fun to dress and shop for my kids than me! You would be surprised what a little web surfing can bring you! Please note, these are only 5 of so many other wonderful stores I have found! If I put them all up you’d be here reading forever! Hope you enjoyed!!

xo- A

::This Moment::


Last night I had gotten home from work late, another day down. Darren had dinner in the microwave for me ready to go. We sat down ready to watch a show we are both very in to. After the show was over we peeled ourselves from the couch and  closed up shop for the night. As we headed upstairs, I pushed toys aside along with piles of clothes that found themselves downstairs that needed to be picked up, and shoes left out for tomorrow. I thought to myself  “I’ll deal with you tomorrow.” When we made it upstairs we did our nighttime rituals of face cleansing,  teeth brushing, and FINALLY climbed into bed.  I looked at Darren and smiled. He asked “What are you smiling at?” and I (of course) told him “Nothing,” still smiling. He looked at me again, this time with the need for more information than that. I told him “I just love this moment. I love everything about right now. I love where my children are in their lives and what joy they bring not only to us, but to our families. I love how much you make me feel loved. I love our home that we have created. This moment is just really perfect.” It was just one of those moments you don’t expect. It just crept upon me, like I unconsciously pressed pause and really looked at my life. I really feel like God was telling me it’s not always about the clean house, tons of money, or all the material things but what a beautiful mess I have to be thankful for. What a perfect time of year to be reminded of this. My life has its hardships – everyone’s does, but right now I am just over the moon about where I am and feel such peace with this. Anyone who knows me or has read my blog knows some of the struggles I have gone through and what a challenge it has been for me to feel peaceful, not always worrying about something. And in this moment I felt it.  I really soaked it all in until I fell asleep hopeful for the next day……


{Yay for Maeve}

Just a quick little note tonight!

Everyday when I wait for Maeve to get off the bus I start to wonder “…what will her journal say today?”

Her teachers over at Buffalo Hearing & Speech are modern day heroes in my book. It takes a certain kind of person to show and give the patience and understanding to these special children. I will soon be doing a post all on our experience with them so stay tuned, but back to the journal. Almost everyday her teacher writes a little note about how her day was and any new, exciting things Maeve has done for the day. I think I have gotten used to this gitty feeling because she basically has almost a full journal of “Maeve had a great day!” or “Maeve was dancing and singing with us today!” so I have become accustomed to a good note. {Proud parent moment} Yesterday was no exception: Here is the note we got…


I was so excited and happy for her I cried!! She even said, “Please?” She is getting there!! I tell ya it’s the little things and I can’t wait for more journal entries!!

YAY MAEVE!! I am so proud of you!!

xo- Momma

Family Photos!!

As you look on my site you will start to see some of our new photos go up from our family photo shoot we had a few weeks ago. The photographer was so amazing and her work is truly something to be admired. PLEASE visit her website and if you live in the Buffalo area you are doing yourself a favor by booking a session with her. Thank you Andrea!!!

Blueberry Eyes

Morning, Blueberry Eyes
Today started out nice and early- 6am early, and not by my decision. Maeve came in our room, as she always does when she wakes up, came over to my side of the bed and stood there looking at me as she softly said “Hi.” As I slowly opened my eyes, our eyes locked, and I saw those blueberry-in-milk eyes and her smile and said “Hi baby,” as I lifted up the covers while she patiently waited to climb on in. She hopped in and tucked her legs in between mine. (I think it’s because of her SPD, Sensory Processing Disorder, that she loves the heavy weight of my legs sandwiching hers- it must feel good after a long night with only her blanket as weight). I closed my eyes as I felt her’s burning into me to wake up.
Well of course I had been up since I heard her open her door down the hall and shut it until she heard the lock of the door knob click back into place, almost like she is warning Darren and I “I’m coming”. I can’t lie, even though it seems to be getting earlier and earlier in the morning, I love opening my eyes as she stands next to my bed to see those big blueberry-in-milk-eyes staring back at me with such excitement to see her momma. What a start right?
She will lay with me and I try my hardest to steal a few more Z’s before little man wakes up. She patiently waits for the look I will give her like “Ok. You can have it.” For I know she is patiently waiting for my phone, to watch the PBS app, especially Sesame St. She gets so excited as I give it to her.  How can I not smile?
She takes my phone, slides it unlocked, and flips through all my apps until she has found the one she’s been looking for. She taps it open and begins to watch., as I pull her in for a few quick hugs (how can you not get enough of them!?)
A few minuets pass and she will start to get antsy (also part of her SPD) and she will need to get up and start walking around. She has conveniently found a great place to hide out in and watch my phone in my closet. She closes the door and keeps the lights off as if she is in a movie theatre. While she is in there and I’m still in bed, I can hear her jumping around, banging her feet against the wall laughing at her show and I’m reminded of how fleeting those precious few minutes in the morning are with my Maeve. She will not always want to come see me first thing the morning, she will not always want to snuggle in close to me but until then…. See you in the morning Blueberry Eyes.



I’m reminded daily of the struggles Maeve has to face and most days they are very difficult. While we are at home it’s easy to forget how “delayed” she really is. The way she is our “normal”, the way we feel every 3 year old is. It seems normal to us to pick out all her clothes, put all of them on her, put her shoes on, even change her diaper (just to list a few). When we are in public or talking with someone who has a child around her age is when it’s brought to the fore front again about how far she has to go.

One thing I love about my daughter is her ability to fight. She is such a go-getter and is so smart. Don’t get me wrong she has many days where she gets frustrated when she doesn’t understand how and why things happen or how to do something (but doesn’t everyone!?)

When these times come sometimes it’s harder to deal with then others. I’ve learned to appreciate the “little” things she does and it has really opened my eyes on how I look at her.

When I was pregnant with Maeve I remember thinking , “I want to try and take in every little thing she does”. I want to remember everything from her newborn scent, to the way she will look at me when “you goes pee pee on the potty for the first time.” I couldn’t wait for the day Maeve and I would be able to have little conversations and be able to put up a little funny quote from something she said in the car that made me giggle on Facebook to share with everyone. But instead we’ve been dealt a different hand of cards.

So instead of having multiple conversations with my little one, I’m watching her when she’s not looking pull her own pant leg down after trying several times to no avail. I’m finally watching her point to “momma” and “Liam” in a picture as she mumbles something close to our names. Milestones I thought we would have hit months, even years ago, but it doesn’t bother me. I’m sure it would have been so wonderfully sweet if she would have reached these milestones when she was “suppose” to but now it’s bittersweet and I love every second of it.


Backyard Talks



Today was a gorgeous day, we were able to take Maeve outside and play around the yard. The kids from next door came out when they saw Maeve in the backyard. They called her name and she immediately ran over to them and started to play.

Flashback::  When we first bought the land to our home we were so excited. One time my husband Darren, went over to check out how moving the dirt went one night (because why would I care how the dirt was moved haha) but when he got home he told me he met our new next door neighbors. We knew the people to the right of us had to have younger kids because they had a swing set up in their backyard. He told me he briefly talked to our new neighbor and he told us he was so happy we had a little girl because he had a little girl that was 4 and with Maeve being 2 they would be able to play together.

Back to today::

As I watched the girls play I was talking with my neighbors’ wife. This was maybe the 2nd time we’ve talked so we were swapping stories about kids, house building, wild life (since our land is pretty wooded and at the end corner of farm land) and as we were talking she pointed out how fearless Maeve was in her playing. I giggled and said,”Oh yea, she has absolutely no fear. She would jump from the highest point if she could. Um, she actually has something called Sensory Processing Disorder so that has a lot to do with it.” She turned to me and asked “How did you know she had sensory issues?” I proceeded to tell her our story about us coming to the conclusion of Maeve having Sensory Processing Disorder. She started to tell me that her daughter takes speech, how some doctors thought her son had sensory issues and was tested for autism (little did they know at the time he was just really advanced for his age! How awesome!) We then continued to talk about different speech therapies, where Maeve attended school and as the girls finished up playing all I could feel was relief.

As a young mom with a daughter that has Sensory Processing Disorder (or any disorder I’m sure) it’s hard to work into conversation with new people that your daughter (or son) is not a “typical” child. In my head I’m always bouncing back and fourth between “…should I just start off with it?” or “…can I avoid explaining it this time” or even “…next time I’ll bring it up for sure.” My mind always races as to the absolute worst reaction from people (so annoying!) but I have decided that I want people to know about my daughter and her struggles sooner than later and trying to work it into even the smallest of conversation is a better option then just putting it off (for me! Because I will go crazy with the games my brain will play about all the possible outcomes of the conversation.) It gives me such a relief so people don’t think”… her daughter doesn’t listen to her” or “…boy, her daughter has quite the attitude.” All these thoughts that run through my mind I feel have a lot to do with being a young mom. Women that are “younger” than the average mother I think are under a lot of scrutiny raising children then the “average” mom because many people feel that we are just children ourselves so raising our children will just result in unruly kids (in my perspective). I know because of this I try and hold my children to a higher standard when for Maeve it’s not fair to. I do still have to remember at the end of the day there are going to be people who will think that, but my world will go on. My crazy, hectic world will keep spinning and sooner than I know it the situation will be over.

This being the first time I have really talked with my new neighbor I knew I wanted to say something about Maeve and her struggles and to my surprise she had been in a somewhat similar predicament as me! She knew somewhat of how I was feeling! She was totally understanding and interested in what I had to say about Maeve and Sensory Processing Disorder. It was such a relief. I felt like I didn’t have to hide the fact that Maeve doesn’t speak or listen very well when she is in large groups of other people or new places. I was so happy for Maeve too, even though the kids might not understand when she doesn’t answer them, she can still just be her, just Maeve.





Right now our yard is covered in dirt. Maeve loves to sit on the dirt mounds and throw rocks off.

Right now our yard is covered in dirt. Maeve loves to sit on the dirt mounds and throw rocks off.

What do you guys think? How have you gone about explaining your little ones challenges to others?


“Your daughter has SPD…” Part One


Well, this is a topic that I have been so passionate about. My daughter was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder officially in March 2013. We have been dealing with all sorts of issues with Maeve for quite sometime now, about 2 years now to be exact. I really want to give some background information on our journey and how we have finally gotten to this final consensus.

Flashback – March 2011

I had finally received the year and half milestone packet from the doctor’s office and as I opened it I kind of got an excited feeling because I could finally get some of the questions I had with Maeve’s development on paper. I was getting so close to getting some answers (hopefully) and I knew once the packet came it would only be a few more weeks to see the doctor. I filled out the paperwork the day I got it and then put it in her diaper bag insuring I wouldn’t forget it the day of the appointment. After I finished the paperwork and had it out of sight I tried to not think about it or be anxious. It was so much harder than I thought. I just knew something was a little “off” with Maeve.

             I really hate to type “off”  when talking about my daughter. It has such a negative feeling to it but at that time I was so negative about her situation I just didn’t know how to process all the worrying I was doing in my head– and if you know me I go from 0-60 in 2.5 seconds  from everything being O.K. to the worst possible outcome like THAT!–  I’ve always been this way and it’s something I wish I didn’t do. At that time it was really just the best word to describe how I was feeling. 

April 2011

The day had finally arrived and we were off to the doctors’ with milestone packet in hand. It was just me and Maeve (Darren had to work and I promised him I’d give him a call right after our appointment.) We got to the doctors’ and she immediately ran over to the toys and started playing with them. There was no one else in the waiting room so we had maybe a 3 minute wait. I picked her up and she began to whine a little and as soon as we reached the nurse she had stopped. She had her height and weight taken and then the nurse showed us to the room. She started going over a few routine questions about different milestone (they go through the list so fast expecting you to say the “typical” answer so I was glad I listed all my concerns on the paperwork for the doctor) after telling the nurse briefly that I had a couple of concerns she told us “…the doctor would be with you two shortly” (famous last words haha).

A couple minutes later (hard to remember that far back about specific little details) the infamous knock on the door! The doctor came in and I proceeded to catch her up on some things. Then I told her I had the packet of information filled out and there was a couple of areas that I had concerns in. She took the packet and we discussed my concerns (finally!) I told her that one concern was she never responded to her name. Like never. I would always joke around with people and say,”Thank goodness I absolutely love her name because I say it ALL the time!” or “I feel like I could change her name and she would be totally okay with it because she never responds to me.”  The doctor didn’t seem too concerned so I remember putting that to the back of my mind (for later analyzes of course, because I over think EVERYTHING). Then I told her what I was really nervous about, her speech. Her speech had really regressed to the point where she just wasn’t talking anymore or even trying. When she was about 14-15 months old she was saying little things, baba, mama, dada, you know the basic words. The doctor asked about her saying these words and she also agreed it’s not something they like to see that they “regress” but with her meeting all her other milestones on time and this seemed to be the only big thing she also wasn’t that worried. She told me that she could just be a “late bloomer” that it could happen anytime since she was doing “cave man talk” (babbling sounds that weren’t really words) but she told me that in a couple months if she wasn’t improving to give her a call and she would refer me to an agency for Maeve to get evaluated for some speech help. I felt really good about that and hoped that she was a “late bloomer” but knew I would be making a phone call in a couple months.

On my drive home my head was going crazy and then a moment flashed into my head…

        Maeve was about 14 months old and Darren and I had just gotten into bed at our first apartment. Maeve’s room was right next door to ours and on the other side of her room was the only bathroom. While Darren and I were brushing our teeth getting ready to hop into bed I heard Maeve starting to rustle around in her crib. I hurried and finished getting ready for bed and hoped she would put herself back to sleep. She was quite for awhile so I was pretty confident that she was back asleep so I turned off our light and we laid down. I swear as soon as my head hit that pillow I heard the sweetest sound “Momma, Momma” in a sweet distressed little voice. It was so clear and I remember Darren laughing saying ,”Well I guess she wants you.” I was secretly so happy but didn’t want him to know it and said “Yay, lucky me.” While I walked to her room I kept telling myself “She said, “Momma”, it was so clear, it was the most beautiful thing I had ever heard. How was I suppose to know I wasn’t going to hear those words for 2 more years.

French Macaroons

A couple weeks ago I decided to get lunch from a new place I haven’t tried before.

After I placed my order I started to really take in the atmosphere, to the left of me was a full bar (not my cup of tea), to the right of me was a coffee bar (also, not my cup of tea, hot chocolate please!!)

But in a display case at the coffee bar was a dessert window (now we are talking!).

I started looking in the window and I fell in LOVE with these beautiful, colorful little cookies.

When I saw them I knew what they were immediately, macaroons!

I didn’t find out there were different kinds of macaroons until I went on You Tube and saw that there were macaroons and French macaroons.

I just fell in love with the clean look of them and I’m not even sure if I’ll like them but hey! I always have work, they love left over treats!

So I’m going to try and make them and give pictures with the things I’m using. Wish me luck!!

Just a quick little note tonight!

Everyday when I wait for Maeve to get off the bus I start to wonder “…what will her journal say today?”

Her teachers over at Buffalo Hearing & Speech are modern day heroes in my book. It takes a certain kind of person to show and give the patience and understanding to these special children. I will soon be doing a post all on our experience with them so stay tuned, but back to the journal. Almost everyday her teacher writes a little note about how her day was and any new, exciting things Maeve has done for the day. I think I have gotten used to this gitty feeling because she basically has almost a full journal of “Maeve had a great day!” or “Maeve was dancing and singing with us today!” so I have become accustomed to a good note. {Proud parent moment} Yesterday was no exception: Here is the note we got…


I was so excited and happy for her I cried!! She even said, “Please?” She is getting there!! I tell ya it’s the little things and I can’t wait for more journal entries!!

YAY MAEVE!! I am so proud of you!!

xo- Momma